Re: If you miss the Marathon, hit Blockbuster...

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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 95 03:16:27 -0500

Andy wrote:
>(p.s., how many listmembers managed to tape the whole Marathon, and how
>long did it end up being?)

I missed the first ep, but I recorded the rest for some friends of mine
who've never seen the show. I'll post a list when I review the tape (if
someone else doesn't beat me to it. :) ).

The marathon lasted 6 hours, for a total of 12 eps, mostly from the first
season. I'm tellin' ya, Randy Savage's bits during the breaks got old
_real_ fast. But the rest of the marathon was fun to watch. I didn't
spot any of the action figures during the marathon.

Side note: The Cartoon Network shows feature films on Sunday nights (on
what they call "Mr. Spim's Cartoon Theater") and this Sunday the feature
will be TWICE UPON A TIME. This is one of the most unusual and enjoyable
animated features ever made. If you get the 'Toon Net, I highly reccomend
that you watch it.

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