If you miss the Marathon, hit Blockbuster...

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 1995 20:49:41 -0700 (PDT)

     The three SwatKats videos are officially on the shelves at
Blockbuster USA for rent or sale as of this second. For those of us who
don't already know, Christian and Yvon Tremblay did the box art, and you
can check out the original drawings on the FTP site. There is supposed
to be a coupon for 5 bucks off future SK purchases contained within the
tape box presumably redeemable towards either the SNES 'Kat game or
future video purchases. For us Canadian fans, Mega Movies and Rogers
outlets are carrying the 'Kat vids (at least on their "available" lists).

     If _anyone_ catches sight of the Hudson Soft SNES game, please post
it to the newsgroup or the list.


(p.s., how many listmembers managed to tape the whole Marathon, and how
long did it end up being?)

     "...$%#!!_at_!!, does EVERYTHING have to occur at the speed of MTV?!"
  - George Lucas on the cancellation of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles",
    after hearing that viewers expected constant action, rather than a
                        "gentle history lesson"
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