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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 22:12:31 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, August Yang wrote:

> Well,you can still catch the SWAT Kats on 5:30am on Wednesday mornings on
> Channell 11. (This is mainly for Ed who I know lives in the New York Area)
> Right before Ronin Warriors, (shades of Robotech!)

     That's WPIX, New York, correct? I think that some of the
independents airing the program will continue to do whatever they want -
only TBS seems to have made changes that I know of.

> My two cents on the Exosquad vs. SWAT Kats thing:
> If not for Dana I wouldn't have even considered watching SWAT Kats (they

     I've heard this from a few people - there should be some kind of
meritorious service award for advertising the character while
role-playing in Furtoonia.

> So much for the zenith of stroytelling. SWAT Kats on the other hand
> seems to have improved it's storytelling from the first season. Of
> course, SWAT Kats only had 13 eps to produce in the second season while
> Exosquad was stripped. *shrug* I can live without Exosquad, but I need
> my SWAT Kats fix...

     It showed though, huh? Exo's production values slipped (artwork, if
you can call it that, especially) while Kats became phenomenal. The
reason Exo got a full second season and 'Kats did not can be laid at the
feet of Turner - not the fans. I need my 'Kats fix too - I tend to run
the same eps a lot too.

> August Paul Yang *still* doesn't get

August Paul Yang posted this information, _on_ - so you
are able to post to it - your system probably hasn't added it to the
text-list of available groups. Try posting to it directly, or add it to
the "newsgroups" line in a post to another group - it'll show up.
There's nothing in it yet, I doubt many people know of its existence at
the moment - plus USENET and related seem to have a _very_ high
lurker/poster ratio.

     "...$%#!!_at_!!, does EVERYTHING have to occur at the speed of MTV?!"
  - George Lucas on the cancellation of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles",
    after hearing that viewers expected constant action, rather than a
                        "gentle history lesson"

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