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From: August Yang <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 22:23:50 -0400 (EDT)

Well,you can still catch the SWAT Kats on 5:30am on Wednesday mornings on
Channell 11. (This is mainly for Ed who I know lives in the New York Area)
Right before Ronin Warriors, (shades of Robotech!)

My two cents on the Exosquad vs. SWAT Kats thing:

If not for Dana I wouldn't have even considered watching SWAT Kats (they
had two guys dressed up as the Kats at a comic con I went to. Ick.). So
I thought Exosquad was the zenith of storytelling in syndicated
cartoons. Then, the second season came along... with the Exosquad Jr. team.

So much for the zenith of stroytelling. SWAT Kats on the other hand
seems to have improved it's storytelling from the first season. Of
course, SWAT Kats only had 13 eps to produce in the second season while
Exosquad was stripped. *shrug* I can live without Exosquad, but I need
my SWAT Kats fix...

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