Alright time to liven the party up...

From: Matthew Milam <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 15:10:49 +0000

I realize things have been getting dull around here some i'm going to
turn up the heat....

I recently bought a copy of the "Top Gun" soundtrack and it's great
and i was thinking wouldn't it be nice if the people who did Kats'
give in the same enegry the people who did Top Gun (For those of you
who remeber the movie.

"Power Rangers is not a bad show. it just happens to be another one of those
shows that by some dumb luck took control of kids minds. I belive that all shows have a way that grab
us to watch them. Then there's Barney "who takes control of kids in a more rumored physical manner"
-Matthew Milam (Mcshade)

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