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This transcript is from the Omaha World Herald (6/14/95):

(I know it has nothing to do with 'Da Kats",but I felt it was important
enough to post)


   Washington--As Sen. J.J. Exon,D-Neb.,seeks Senate passage of his bill to
clean up the Internet,one of his most effective tools is a loose-leaf binder
he calls "the blue book".
   The binder contains copies of pornographic photographs and other materials
that Exon says are readily available on the global computer network. Exon
said Tuesday that he has shown the blue book in private to about a dozen
senators to illustrate the need for his Communications Decency Act.
   All have reacted with "total shock",he said.
   "I really don't believe (most senators) understand the depths of depravity
that's available",Exon said. "They think it's just pictures of naked women".
   Exon's legislation is part of a larger bill to overhaul federal
telecommunications law and to eliminate many existing regulations. His
proposal,however,would impose new rules on the unregulated Internet,making it
a crime to transmit obscene or indecent material using a computer.
   The Senate is expected to vote soon on the issue. Meanwhile,Exon reached
agreement Tuesday with Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind. on changes designed to solidify
support from conservative and religious groups.
   "This is'nt a cure-all",Exon said. "But it's an important step in the
right direction".
   Exon's "blue book" includes a lengthy index of computer "bulletin boards"
that Internet users can access on particular sexual topics. The book also
includes some of the explicit photographs of sexual organs and sexual
acts,including bondage and bestiality,that computer users can download and
   Sen. Bob Kerry, D-Neb.,is one senator who has been influenced by Exon's
presentation. He said he initially did not support Exon's proposal because of
concern it would restrict free speech.
   But after Exon showed him the binder Friday,kerry said,he became convinced
that something is needed to prevent children from obtaining access to
computer-distributed pornography.He said he expects that he will support the
final version of Exon's plan,which has been modified several times.



   As Congress takes up a new telecommunications law and accompanying
proposals to ban pornography from cyberspace,a group of companies has
proposed a technical fix.
   Software giant Microsoft Corp. has joined with Netscape Communications and
a small Seattle-based company,Progressive Networks,to develop a software
standard to enable parents to shut off children's access to computer
porn,which is widely available as photos and text on the Internet.
   One way the system might work is that ratings of content would be provided
voluntarily by host computers putting information on the Internet,Rob
Glaser,chief executive of Progressive Networks,said Tuesday. Parents could
adjust software on their home computers to permit access only to what does'nt
offend them.
   Glaser sad groups such as the National Education Association or The
Christian Coalition might be called on to issue such ratings. Dozen's of
group' views could be included.
   The three companies expect to have a report on standards by the end of the
   Some critics say legislation,not voluntary and blocking software,is


Normally,I would'nt throw in my 2 cents worth,but these events are so
frightening,I just HAVE to say something (while I'm still allowed to).
People,this is an obvious move to control what is the last remaining truly
free forum available to the human race. They claim to want to provide
protection for the children,but in doing so,they consider you ALL as children
who need to be protected from themselves. The previous text obviously shows
that the "powers that be" are frightened of the Internet because it is not
under their control. So to "correct" that,the government sets out to
literally rewrite the very structure of the Internet,so that it and all that
goes on it can be monitored and controlled. Meanwhile,megabillion dollar
corporations plan to join forces with the Christain Coalition, (which is run
by "700 Club" televangelist Pat Robertson and his minions) to decide what
shall be deemed "good" or "bad" for you to see or read (they claim that they
will consult with other groups,but what that means is that they will work
with various pro-censorship groups--it is safe to assume that none of YOUR
views will be listened to).

People,not to overdramatize the situation,but this really IS our darkest
hour. Are you just going to sit there while they make slaves out of you? The
Internet as it now stands is free in more ways than one. If the
polititians,corporations,and religious activists get their way,the net will
not be free under ANY definition of the word!


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