Re: Animato! and I have an agreement...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 06:13:45 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 13 Jun 1995 wrote:

> Andy Hill writes:
> > Hi guys, the publisher of Animato! (you know, with the
> >extensive 'KATS article coming out) is going to give me a deal on
> >a bunch of them. I'm going to buy ten of this issue, some of you
> Do you know when the specific date of the issue is going to be
> available in stores? I think the young lady at Borders is starting
> to wonder about me!

     Well, "mid-June" was the last word, when the guy calls back I'll ask
for sure. These guys are amazing, if you've never read the mag - they're
all toon fans themselves, and do the mag in their "spare" time. Some of
the people contributing to the rag are very impressive - Leonard Maltin,
Stephen Bissette, Margaret Loesch, Savage Steve Holland - tons of
others. It's written with more information of interest to toon fans, as
opposed to "Animation Magazine", which though interesting, tends to cater
to industry folks - and not everyone's interested in that angle (I am,

     I also forgot to mention that they have to split the 'KATS article
over two issues, because it's so involved. I'll do a similar thing for
the second issue as I'm doing for the first, except I think I'll need
fifteen copies instead of ten (I already have to up my current order).
This mag is read by quite a few fairly important folks, and if anyone has
opinons on the cancellation issue - "Animato!" does have a letters page,
and if they see the interest in 'KATS is sufficient, letters will get
printed, and many industry folks will read. I sent one letter off, but
it was early on and a bit inaccurate - so I'll send another for the next ish.


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