TCN timeslot...sleeping giant awakes...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 10:10:23 -0700 (PDT)

     I don't know if this made it to the list last night or not, I was
having terminal problems extraordinaire.

     Someone who seems to be an ally of sorts let me know yesterday that
after "SwatKats Month" in July coming up, the timeslot for SwatKats will
be changed to a strip, and will air in primtime on TCN as follows:

     "SwatKats", starting August 7th 1995 and running to Sept. 1 1995
      will air Monday thru Friday at 6pm. (assumedly Eastern).

     I guess that means I'll have to work on TBS, huh? (lotsa luck). I
think that someone in Turner Group must've realized the nature of the
audience - and awoke from the coma. Not to raise false hopes, but this
kind of thing is what happens when a show is being promoted for the fall
season (leadup to XMAS and all that), but I don't know if that's the case
here - just wishful thinking on my part. Odd behaviour, at any rate.

     Courtesy of a fellow list member, I've now seen "When Strikes
Mutilor", "Ghost Pilot", "The Metallikats", and "the Ci-Kat-a" for the
first time. Wow. The animation in the Mook eps is nothing short of
outstanding - and one of the shots in "Mutilor" is about to become a
full-size drawn/painted cutout of "Razor" for the collection. You can
sure see the anime influence in "Mutilor" - as the laser/photon type
weapons (and the effects used in their firing) on the alien fighters come
straight out of "Robotech". This kind of animation just puts everything
else I've seen lately to shame. If you still have friends that think
"animation's for kids", show them eps like this one, and follow it up
with "The Metallikats" - the crispy claw of the "retired" gang leader was
unbelievably graphic for a "kids" show - and would never make it in
"Captain Planet". Three cheers for "brave" production/writing people for
sequences like that, that don't assume we're all Moral Majority ostriches
looking for some nice, safe sand to stick our heads into.

     Anyway, it was nice to get a "positive" (TCN scheduling) after the
latest round of "negative" (Jim Stenstrum leaving H-B). I hope I can
report a few more in the next little bit.


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