Re: Turner don't own "Katseye News"...

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 95 10:13:25 CDT

Sorry Andy, I must have sent you direct mail, I assumed you meant for this
to go out to the masses.

Sounds like a dandy idea though.

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On Thu, 11 May 1995, Ian Lynn wrote:

> I think you're doing the best advertising of anyone, I sure as hell haven't seen
> SNES advertising, consider Mortal Kombat, they give it what, about 2 years advanced
> advertising.

     Thanks! For everyone's information, I've basically been _asked_ to
keep doing it by some folks until it becomes clear why Turner is worried
about press. If he's trying to bury the program, he can look elsewhere
for the shovel.

     BTW, reading about Doc Konway's fan mail again, I just got an idea
concerning how we can get Seibert to read our mail. I've got a whole
whack of business envelopes here (including Department of Defence), so I
think I may use up some old envelopes, if you get the idea. Who could
ignore a letter enclosed in other than the standard white envelope? Be
creative - it's fun.


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