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From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 07:07:05 -0700 (PDT)

     Talked about SwatKats on the phone for a total of three hours
yesterday, one of which was to Christian Tremblay. First off, Doc Konway
- Christian may take you up on your pizza offer if he's out that way! Heh.

     Okay, here's the deal. Christian told me I can put any of the
upcoming stuff he gives me, and if Turner has a problem with it - to
paraphrase a list member - "I shrug and proceed anyway". Fred Seibert
isn't returning his calls, and the Tremblay Bros. may start doing
promotions on their own. I've got a post going out to rec.arts.animation
that should take some heat off of the H-B people, but it's not going to
be any kind of apology whatsoever. Couple of people I spoke to yesterday
got the distinct impression that Turner Group isn't happy that SwatKats
continues to be successful despite their best efforts to bury it. Good.
Screw 'em.

     The Hudson Soft/SNES game: July 7th release, two days after the
home videos. Here's the synopsis of it:

     Five different levels with a different Villain scenario in each (I
may have the order screwed up, I was tired, and it was late).

        1) Dr. Viper/Giant Bacteria
        2) MadKat and his Evil Theme Park
        3) The Pastmaster
        4) The Metallikats
        5) and the final objective, rescue Callie Briggs from DarkKat and
           the creeplings!

     As the 'KAT guys make it through the various levels, they get orders
from Mayor Manx (probably along the lines of "hints" I should think).
Christian will have a copy on Thursday to play with - he'll let me know
what he thinks.

     The home video releases have some extra goodies. Each video will
have a coupon redeemable towards the purchase of the SNES game (5 bucks,
I think), a temporary Tattoo of one of the characters, I think a trading
card from "Secret Files of the SwatKats", and a "Space Ghost" short
tacked on to the end. Not sure if it's the old version or the new.

     Christian and his brother read through the 50-odd pages of printouts
from the list and r.a.a., and really appreciated all the commentary (as
well as being pleasantly surprised to see Dr. (K)onway!), so keep it up
for the next set. All the recent hullabaloo points to the fact that
Ted and Fred are firmly in the hot-seat now, I don't plan on turning down
the stove.

     "His biography said he bumped his butt 'cuz he ate too much sugar...
        ....it's SAD (really)..." - Slappy Squirrel, "Bumbie's Mom" ANIMX
     "We have a mission Ann, down these mean skies, a 'KAT must fly...
                 ...we wanna be the good guys..."

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