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stupid majordomo won't let messages go though with the word "subscrib e".
Of course I didn't write it, or it would have bounced this message.

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A few comments:

First off, the list has been fairly prolific lately and at least two
people have told me they're planning to un-subscribe from the list
because of its volume. I'm thinking of creating a digest, but
unfortunately I don't know how the Majordomo software works for digest
creations. (If necessary, I'll create the digests manually and send
them out to individual people who want to keep up with the Kats, but
don't have time to keep up with the mailing list.)

Second, the signal-to-noise ratio. The only comment I'll make about
that is that if you can isolate people who are quoting entire messages
and including only one or two lines of included text, then email them
directly. Don't drag it onto the list, please. (And yes, I'll be
following this rule as much as possible.)

Third, the live-action Kats movie. I'd personally prefer an animated
version myself, and I'd like to see Mook do the work on it. Has
Christian Tremblay worked out a particular story idea for the movie?

Fourth, I caught a cold a few days ago and still have a residual sore
throat, so if I start chewing out anyone I probably don't mean it.

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