"Goodnite, my Queen...C'mon buddy, I've got a hot forge..."

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 21:31:23 -0700 (PDT)

Razor sky-writes:

> As far as female characters expressing a preference, well -- you've got
> the one-shots (Turmoil really liking T-Bone [and the feeling being mutual?]
> and Queen Callista taking a liking to Razor, but eventually recognizing
> T-Bone as part of the team too). And I'd say that Callie likes Jake
> better than she does Chance (course, this is probably biased since I
> roleplay Jake/Razor on the MUCKs ;-).

     T-Bone and I have similar luck, but I don't do "macho". Anyway, I
have mixed feelings about "Bride of the Pastmaster". Some of the
dialogue in there is great, and some of it is really bad (IMO). All the
Razor/T-Bone stuff is great ("T-Bone and Razor...Razor and T-Bone...")
but some of Razor's dialogue with/regarding Callista is quite corny.
"Goodnite my Queen" is likely to be intended that way, because T-Bone
makes fun of the way it sounds with:

        "..'goodnite My Queen'...c'mon buddy, I've got a hot forge for ya
         to meet..." (close enough).

     They were sure flirting with each-other when she stays to "dine with
Sir Razor", and you'll notice later on when she asks him if "Hangar" is
the name of his city, that Razor's eyes change to "hearts" for a frame or
two. Heh! Poor T-Bone never got so much as a whiff of "pepper stew", and
probably nearly died of thirst as well - I didn't see the goblet holding
a "mega-size quantity of milk" for him. The scene at the end where
Callista heaps praise on Razor and kisses him - where T-Bone shakes his
head in amazement - was perfect, lucky he ended up with a kiss himself,
or I would've been mad.


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