Where to find Kats in New York....

From: August Yang <wntrmute_at_ritz.mordor.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 23:00:02 -0400 (EDT)

There's this *fab*ulous pet store that...

Just kidding. Actually, I made quite a pleasent discovery this morning
after staying up half the night getting nothing done. Chanell 11 WPIX also
known as the WB in New York is now showing the SWAT Kats at the ungodly
hour of 5:30am on Wednesdays. Found this out after vegging on Robot Carnival
on TNT (See? Turner does have *some* taste. Just not a heck of a lot.)

Because SWAT Kats has a definate anime flavor (or influence) I had a
great anime morning. (Only cost me 20 or 30 winks)

Also, just to throw my two cents in on whether or not Feral knows if who
the Kats are. I've always favored the opinion that not only does Feral
know, he sent Jake and Chance to that particular Junk Yard *in hopes*
they would become vigilantes. I know its weird, but if perhaps Feral was
sick and tired of all the beauracracy that goes into police work.
Because of his position, he can't go slagging punks like he would like
to, but he can manipulate events to the extent that someone else could.

Enter Jake and Chance, two rebelious pilots with the know-how to take
down criminals effective if only the rules weren't standing in the way.
All Feral would need is a semi-good excuse.

August Paul Yang did manage to catch up on his sleep
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