Re: "Steele," "Steel," or "Stele"? Or none of the above?

From: Jonathan Higa <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 19:49:10 HST

>Trouble is, the Lieutenant didn't appear in *any* of the second-season
>episodes, which list all of the main characters (and their respective
>voices). Feral's niece, Felina, replaced Steel(e?), but the latter only
>appeared in the first season, where there was no breakdown of the voice

(giggle) Oh, well. I wasn't taking my alternative seriously anyway. As long
as I spell it with "two _e_'s," I don't care ... and I won't draw attention
to any differences in spelling anyhow. I like to pick a more analytical
class of nit. (grin)
-- Jonathan Higa,,

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