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> The Felina Feral character was pretty obviously added as an afterthought for
> the second season. And even though I like the character, she pretty much
> falls into one of the two stereotype female characters in "action" shows:
> The Helpless Damsel or the Tough Gal. Felina is the latter, while Callie
> is the former (though she acts like a Tough Gal, she's usually has to be

If they had chosen the enforcer path for Callie, she would probably be there
fighing the bad guys. She has saved Manx's fur enough times. She is definatly
not a damsel in distress, but a damsel who uses the available resources to
solve a problem.

> rescued by T-Bone and Razor). This is not a major complaint about SWAT
> KATS. I don't expect a lot of deep characterization in a show like this--
> just lots of nifty hardware and keen explosions. :) However, it would have
> been even nicer if the writers had tried to get out of the standard boy-show
> box they were into.
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