From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 15:04:01 -0800

All right, folks.

Let's keep this discussion to SWAT Kats material as much as possible. The
list was created for that purpose, and stuff like FOX Kids Network, TMNT
and Captain Planet are sufficiently off-topic that they shouldn't be
commented on by themselves.

As I see it, there's nothing wrong with commenting on these topics on the
side, *provided* the majority of your post is still on-topic. You can
argue a comparison between Ted Turner's decision to cancel SWAT Kats versus
keeping a show like Captain Planet, but once the topic starts to drift to
nothing *but* comments about Captain Planet it directs the entire list off

Also, I still see at least one of you out there who is quoting an entire
message and including only one or two lines of original comments. As I
said at least once before, don't do this as it takes up too much bandwidth.
If your mail reader won't let you do this (and most, if not all, mail
readers have editing features) then please send *me* the message you want
to post and I'll edit and post it myself.

Comments, questions and flames to me via email, please. Do NOT followup to
the list.

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