Lance Falk writes AND talks well.

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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 07:27:57 -0700 (PDT)

     In case no one knows who Lance Falk is, he wrote some of the better
eps like "Chaos in Crystal", and I believe "Metal Urgency". One of my
associates is doing an article for Animato!, and along with a complete
episode guide, is putting together some quotes from people that work(ed)
on the show - he caught up with Lance on the weekend.

     I'll have a draft of the article before it's June release, but
here's some of the stuff Lance had to say (he now works at Warners on
PATB and Animaniacs):

     Regarding "Chaos in Crystal", the Rexx Shard character was going to
be brought back for further eps, each time having a different "power",
and each time he was defeated by the guys he would have another physical
scar as a souvenir, such as an eye-patch, lost limb etc.

     During development sessions at Hanna-Barbera, Lance (who was also a
designer on the show) contributed the idea that aside from Jake and
Chance just being city junkmen/garage mechanics - that they should also
have all kinds of military surplus dumped there as well - this was
originally not going to be the case. This is in no small part
responsible for the origins of the TurboKat, and the reason that the
MetalliKat Express was dumped there.

     Lance landed the job at H-B for the 'KATS because he'd worked with
Producer Davis Doi as art director on "Capitol Critters", and wanted to
follow Davis to his next project - "SWATKATS". Davis was so impressed
with Lance that he let Lance art-direct the scripts he wrote - very
unusual in cartoon-land. Lance also did a couple of scripts for
"StarTrek:The Next Generation", but none of them were picked up.

     Oh yeah...the TurboKat is modelled after an F-14 TomCat - for those
who hadn't already figured it out!

     I had my friend at Warner's pass some stuff on to Lance - so
hopefully he'll contact me on the net - and maybe join the list. He
didn't seem to want to "brush off" his association with the 'KATS, so
maybe I'll hear more.

Andy (hey "razor", how about that article on the music? One of us should also
      put up the "Comics Scene" thing about the cancellation.)

        "They say a smile, will do the trick....
         with a little charm, laid on thick;
         but listen folks, forget those strokes -
         'cause 'KATS always gets the short end of the stick!"
         (Rita - Animaniacs "Icebreakers" AN148)

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