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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 14:44:06 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy All.
        I don't know if this had been posted allready or not, but I picked
up a copy of Sonic #27 & Triple Trouble #1, and found it rather ironic
that ABC would be advertising their 'New Saturday Morning schedule"
        It goes like this:
        8:00 Madeline
        8:30 Free Willy
        9:00 --not yet decided- (anyone got any info?)
        9:30 Bump In The Night
       10:00 Fudge
       10:30 Reboot
       11:00 Bugs Bunny Tweety Show
       12:00 What A Mess
       12:30 ABC Weekend Special
        The ad is done up in a sort of labyrinth type game, with the last
        words of the instructions saying, "Watch out for those FOXes" heh!

        Well, unless something spectacular goes in that 9:00 time slot,
        I allready know what channel I'll be watching Sat AM's...and it
        won't be ABC.
        I wonder if a letter to the Sonic-Grams, asking in an innocent
        fashion, where Sonic went would be of any use? I don't see Free
        Willy with a comic book / mailing list / usenet group!
        Ahh well, enough ranting.
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