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>On Thu, 18 Apr 1996 wrote:
>> Oooh... interesting... but did you hear that Sega is thinking of dumping
>> Sonic? Even if you already have, it $ucks incredibly... and to confirm it I
>> called Sega and asked...
>Really? This is news to me! The last time I talked with Sega Reps via
>e-mail about a new Sonic game (about 3 or 4 months ago) they couldn't
>confirm or deny anything about a game but said something to the effect of
>"Sonic is an important part of Sega's image. He'll be sticking around."
>One question _I_ have is if this IS true and Sega drops Sonic, will Archie
>Comics continue with their Sonic series? [ Does Archie 'NEED' Sega's
>support or does Archie's Sonic have a 'life of its own' ].

        All l can say is: they'd better. Of coarse they will, they're
making lots of bucks (I can see why).

        Chris F.

        P.S. I wonder why Sonic doesn't do half the running in the comic,
than he does on the Sat. cartoon show.
> James Firmiss

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