Re: Sally might have some Competition

From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 22:33 EDT

>>Oooh... interesting... but did you hear that Sega is thinking of dumping
>>Sonic? Even if you already have, it $ucks incredibly... and to confirm it I
>>called Sega and asked...
>Sorry, but you are mistaken.
>Sega is planning no such thing. In fact, this year is Sonic's 5th
>anniversary, and Sega is planning a big bash at the E3 Show in Los Angeles
>during May.
>Let me state this again so there is no miscommunication: SEGA IS NOT
>PLANNING TO DUMP SONIC. We are featuring him in multiple games across
>multiple platforms this year. In fact, this could be one of Sonic's biggest
>years ever! Stay tuned...
> -Mike Wallis
>Producer, Sonic Saturn
Multiple games. Like short aperances in other Sega games.. That has
already been done.

I am still wating for SONIC PC.. Win 95 only Noooooo...

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