Re: Sally might have some Competition

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 17:48:00 PDT

>Oooh... interesting... but did you hear that Sega is thinking of dumping
>Sonic? Even if you already have, it $ucks incredibly... and to confirm it I
>called Sega and asked...


Sorry, but you are mistaken.

Sega is planning no such thing. In fact, this year is Sonic's 5th
anniversary, and Sega is planning a big bash at the E3 Show in Los Angeles
during May.

Let me state this again so there is no miscommunication: SEGA IS NOT
PLANNING TO DUMP SONIC. We are featuring him in multiple games across
multiple platforms this year. In fact, this could be one of Sonic's biggest
years ever! Stay tuned...

 -Mike Wallis
Producer, Sonic Saturn

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