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From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 08:35:03 -0400 (EDT)

> The newest issue of GamePro (in their news section... I forget what page)
> mentioned that Sega is working on a NEW Sonic game for
> Genesis, Saturn, Game Gear, Pico, P.C. platforms.
> All they say about it is that it will feature a new 'gal' named Tiara
> (species not given). It will also feature a new nemesis. GamePro didn't
> know the name of the new nemesis or the name of the new game.

Could possibly be a reference to Sally. After all, a "tiara" is a
"jeweled, ornamented coronet worn by women." So why not use an article
of clothing as the name. Especially since Robotnik's name in Japan is
Eggman -- relating to his shape. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her
as part of a game.

BTW: when you rely on an aspect of something to describe it in whole
(Sally as "Tiara," Robotnik as Eggman) these are examples of SYNECDOCHE
(pronounced: sin-NECK-doe-key). This list is now officially
Educational. ;-)

> If this game becomes popular, then we could see a renewed interest in Sonic
> in general. It is probably too much to ask, but it would be great if this
> also prompted a third season of Sonic. I wonder if this will affect the
> Archie comic story. Ken Penders said that Archie already had plots for
> issues up to 50 (or was it 60). Some of those might have to be tweaked
> in order to incorporate the new game's characters (OR Archie will probably
> just start out with one of their 48-page specials).

Since I haven't heard of any kind of detente between Sega and DiC, we
must assume there is still bad blood between them. As for Archie,
remember how long it took for them to get the color of Sally's fur
right! They apparently have a lengthy lead-time in the comix biz, so
even immediate changes may take a while to show up in print. After all,
Ken Penders was speaking of Scott Fulop's editorial post in the past
tense for some time before his moving on was announced in #35.

> In unrelated news:
> I got a box of Cookie Crisp with the Sonic POGs. Bleh... why do they have
> to put those POGs in such an awful cereal.

Best advice: save the pogs, throw away the cereal and eat the box. It's
probably more nutritious.

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