Closing down Temporarily

From: Dave Pistone <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 09:26:58 -0700 (MST)

Hello all.

Due to problems I'd rather not go into, the odds are exceedingly high
that I'll be losing this account within the week. Hower, let me assure
everyone that this is only a temporary thing. I'll be establishing my
own Internet Service/Furry BBS within the month and WILL be back to
continue maintaining the Sonic short stories page. Therefore, I'm issuing
the following Sonic-related instructions:

First, nobody attempt to send me any more short stories. If you've sent
me one within the last two months that hasn't been posted yet, just sit
tight. I may not get to it this month, but, once my net connections are
all stable again posting them will be my FIRST priority.

Second. From this point forward, send any questions and comments, chat,
etc... to my college address at

Third, to Ratman, please make the appropriate adjustment to me email
address there to reflect my college address.

That's about it. I'll also be unsubscribing from the list, or otherwise
placing myself on 'vacation' or something. I'll let all of you know as
soon as my Internet Service, and 'net accessible Furry BBS is up and
functioning and I ahve a new email address to go with it to send yoru
stories and comments to.

Until then, long live Sonic the Hedgehog and Co. It's been fun, and when
I return to the list, I hope it's still fun.

PS - To my MUCK friends, my college has a copy of TF so my MUCK activity
will NOT be affected by this.

Bye all

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