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>On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Dan Ramos wrote:
>> Send 25 empty specially marked INSTANT QUAKER OATMEAL packets
>> Plus $1.00 shipping and handling.
>some of you may recall the Animaniacs stopwatch offer in conjunction with
>Life cereal. (It expired long ago, so don't ask about it now.) Someone
>posted to that he worked in a college camups cafeteria
>where they go through many boxes of Life. He offered to give away proofs
>of purchase to the first xx (forgot the number) a.t.a'ers who asked for them.
>Now, is anyone on the Sonic list a cafeteria worker (or good friends with
>one) and willing to help out similarly? If so, please mail me directly
>(not on the list). I'll compile the volunteer list and post it.
>> 16 SONIC COLLECTOR'S CAPS (POG-style caps)
>I've been struggling to get all 16. But I keep getting the same ones,
>and that's when I can even find the specially marked boxes in my local
>supermarket. Doh!

        I think I have all but 2. I don't like the cookie crisp ones, I
just keep all the related Sonic ones.

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