Re: Sonic's Speed

From: Matt Penna <>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 22:25:20 -0400

>Hm.. I am probably incorrect in this but if Sonic were running at a high
>velocity as such, couldn't one or two FF hold on in the 'air pocket' is formed?
>I have heard of a similar thing in racing...a car tags alng behind another,
>using the whole the first car punches in the air to help itself along..

I have heard of this. They would be shielded from the friction of the air,
so Sonic would bear the brunt of it. The problem of stopping on a dime would
still be a factor. Unless Sonic slowed down gradually, *SPLAT!* (Pretty
gross, I admit.) Sonic running by at top speed and grabbing somebody's arm
wouldn't be a good idea, either. I think we can picture the results. Most

Running as fast as he does is simply not possible on Earth. Maybe the Mobian
atmosphere has certain weird properties to it that shields him somehow? Or
even the buildup of static electricity? Unique poperties of the magnetic or
gravitational fields? Light waves from the Mobian sun? Mystical energies?

Fan-fic authors, you could have a field day with this one! I'm just
finishing up my first year of college physics, so I'm probably not the best
one to be commenting on this from that standpoint. Do we have any physicists
on the list who can come up with something?


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