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>>All this talk about Sonic's speed has reminded me of a couple questions
>>I've been meaning to ask. In the Saturday AM show, the other Freedom
>>Fighters often grabbed hold of him and rode behind him as he juiced. How
>>did they ever hold onto him while he was moving that fast? Also, wouldn't
>>whoever was directly behind Sonic get impaled on his quills when he stopped
>>suddenly? (Ewww! That could be nasty!)
>Well, I suppose if you look at it from the "Cartoon Physics" point of view,
>none of this matters. There was a good example of this in that "The Real
>Ghostbusters" cartoon series almost 10 years ago. They were all transported
>to a cartoon world, and Egon, logical as ever, couldn't adjust. "Egon! Help
>me move this lake!" "You cannot pick up a lake and move it! It's illogical!"
>It was pretty weird, but it was funny.
>But, if you look at it from the real world physics point of view, yeah. When
>Sonic stops, he would have quite a mess to peel off of his back. Holding
>onto something that's going faster than mach 1 (Mach 1 is the speed of
>sound) wouldn't be possible (Obviously).
>I have to go in for the cartoon explanation. The force of friction from the
>air alone would be enormous. Unless there were some kind of genetic mutation
>that protected Sonic from affects like that. This hasn't really been
>explained, yet.

Hm.. I am probably incorrect in this but if Sonic were running at a high
velocity as such, couldn't one or two FF hold on in the 'air pocket' is formed?
I have heard of a similar thing in racing...a car tags alng behind another,
using the whole the first car punches in the air to help itself along..

Just an idea..

-Knuck's/Kulock the Echidna/Moogle ('Spew!!')

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