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     Son-Ak was somewhat uncomfortable. Fine clothes weren't his
favorite idea, even after these months in the Princess's court.
The magician, Antos, still didn't seem to like him any better, even
if he now trusted him. Bunnie, at least, was now more of a friend.
The accidental rescue by the twin-tailed one had elevated a street-
thief to the court as a ward of the Crown, and his four friends had
been adopted, in a fashion, by the housekeepers of the Palace.
     And all of them know that Roboth-Amon would strike again, for
dark wizards are known for their refusal to accept failure. The
incursions of the golems at the borders were growing more frequent,
and there was still the matter of the shadowy figure that young
Milos had mentioned that night he had saved the Princess and met
     Odd, that. It had turned out that Milos was the one who had
purloined Son-Ak's purse, and far from being foes, the hedgehog had
soon found himself a object of hero-worship by the young vulpine.
     A page-- the child-cat named Cleth, appraoched Son-Ak.
"M'Lord," he said, as though he was reciting a lesson-- which, in
fact, he was-- "It is time."
     And once again, as he had every day for the last three months,
Son-Ak drew a blue and red cloak over his new chain-mail, hefted
his axe (the only person besides Captain Rabbot to bear arms in the
presence of the Princess), strode up the aisle to the throne, and
took his place at the right-hand side, as the herald announced his
     "Lord Sonic of the Cad-Hai, Champion of the Crown."
     "Princess," Son-Ak whispered, "Could you do SOMETHING to get
that fool to pronounce my name right?"

     The End.

     A Rennaisance Mouse Production

    So, there it is. Whaddya think, sirs?


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