Re: Sonic's Speed

From: Shawn Wolski <>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 23:17:03 -0700

A previous post said:
>All this talk about Sonic's speed has reminded me of a couple questions
>I've been meaning to ask. In the Saturday AM show, the other Freedom
>Fighters often grabbed hold of him and rode behind him as he juiced. How
>did they ever hold onto him while he was moving that fast? Also, wouldn't
>whoever was directly behind Sonic get impaled on his quills when he stopped
>suddenly? (Ewww! That could be nasty!)

I assume what they did was (considering that this is cartoon physics)
make Sonic's quills sharp when he wanted or needed them to be. :) If
not, noone would've been able to hitch a ride on Sonic's back, period.
As for the wind generation and other associated forces with the high
velocity, well...Hedgehog doesn't have a nav deflector array. How any-
one stays on is anyone's guess. Rack it up to cartoon physics again.

Shawn Wolski, N5UNA

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