From: Dan <dflinn_at_bcoe.butte.k12.ca.us>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 19:57:03 -0800

        Hey, dudes,
        "This is the blue dude with an attitude, #1 Robuttnik Kicker, Remy,
and the fastest thing alive, wishing you to have a way past cool Easter.
Just don't get sick with all that chocolate, like Ant did. Yo, Ant! Feeling
any better?"
        "Oh, zis eez ze vorst and terrible day of my young and 'ansome life!
Sacre bleu cheeze. OOOOoo, I am not feeling too good!"

        "Ha, ha! Oh, look at the time, gotta juice!

        -Sonic Maurice Hedgehog
        The fastest thing alive
                      I feel the NeeD 4 SPeeD!

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