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Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:15:56 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Kulock wrote:

> >On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, The Necromancer wrote:
> >
> >> >Kiken here, low and behold I believe that it is! I wish the pic was a
> >> >little clearer though. :(
> >>
> >> Metal Sonic is finally getting into the cartoons! I wonder what his voice
> >> (if he has one) sounds like?
> >>
> >
> >Kiken here, well, there are only 5 voice actor credits on the page,
> >Sonic's, Tails', Dr. Eggman's, Knuckles', and Sarah's. Its possible that
> >he does speak, but either its one of two thing:
> >
> >#1, its probably only a line or two and would only be mentioned in the
> >credits at the end of the episode
> >
> >or
> >
> >#2, one of the before mentioned character voice actors does him as well,
> >kinda like how in the US Sat am show, Sally and Nicole are the same voice
> >actress.
> >
> >Kiken signing off.
> Is there a chance for this anime to be Dubbed or subtitled? I'd love to see
> it, nbut I don't kno Japanese..
> Thanks..
> -Knuck's/Knuck's the Echidna/Echidna....wait..that's not right..
Kiken here, from the looks of things, unfortunately no. You may get lucky
and locate a fan subbed version several months from now, but even that is
pushing things.

First, right now, as has been mentioned before, the
anime is rental-only. So no companies are permitted to really purchase
mass quantities of it. This is changing May 31 though.

Second, in the US there is already an established
animated series (two actually), that portray Sonic in a light acceptable
by US standards, the Japanese portrayal and standars are much different:
such things as bad language (numerous 4 letter words), obscene or
offensive gestures and extreme violence are accepted in Japanese
animation. Out of the above three criterion, the obscene gestures and bad
language are present in the Sonic anime, I don't know about any extreme
violence as of yet.

Third, even if a subtitling company, such as Anime Eigo, Manga Corps US,
Pioneer, Newtype or any of the others out there, grabbed up the anime,
getting the rights to release it in the states would be very difficult,
since Sega of America partially own anything with Sonic the Hedgehog in
it. They would legally have to ask SOA permission in order to release the
anime here.

Fourth, becuase of the second reason, even if the anime is released here,
its probably gonna be editted and censorred (BOOO!) to fit the US

As I said above, if you don't understand Japanese, your one hope right
now is that some little company will find it and fan-sub it. As for
dubbing the anime, YUCK!!! Dubbed anime blows! Any fan will tell you
that. Even if the US got the cast from the US show to do it, it just
wouldn't be the same. But as of right now, even trying to get ahold of an
original Japanese copy is VERY hard! Luckily not impossible, NewType
Magazine (a Japanese manga/anime publication) listed volume 1 of the
Sonic Anime as a purchasable OVA, for 5974 Yen (approximately $60). Seems
like I'm gonna be writing them some mail as well.

More on this later.

Kiken signing off.

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