Re: fingers?

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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 11:39:13 -0500

This is in response to the burning question "How many fingers does SONIC
really have?"

The answer depends on what modelling sheets SEGA provides to Archie Comics.
When the comic first came out, SEGA would revise the visual look depending on
what the powers-that-be decided the visual look of the upcoming game. (At
least that's what we were told.) SEGA didn't even coordinate the visual style
between Archie and the DIC Saturday morning show until Mike and I showed up.

One of the earliest story ideas we proposed involved Sally changing her look
and color from what Archie had to match the Saturday morning show. All of a
sudden, people were surprised to discover there was indeed a difference.

So if the artists at Archie, and I count myself among them, aren't consistent
at times with how many fingers everyone has, at least you now know the answer
isn't strictly carelessness from deadline pressure.


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