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From: William Graham <>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 96 19:43:20 MST

Hey Ablater! you sez:

> Okay, well I'm (attempting to) write another StH story, this time however,
> it's all the main characters.. only difference being the plot. Well, you'll
> have to trust me here, the plot of this one is something that makes me shiver!

> There are a few things I was pondering about Mobius though..

> 1) Three moons? Right?

In one "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" episode, one character
(I think it was Robotnik) refers to the "Twin moons of Mobius".
Didn't name them, though.

> 2) How long is a Mobian Day?
> 3) How long is a Mobian Year?
> 4) What is Mobius's Gravity? (10/m.s I'd assume)

Comparable to Earth's. Although it might be fun to play with these,
I.e. have a plot where Robotnik changes these parameters.

> 5) In what Solar System is Mobius?

Why, the Mobian system. In any case, the Mobian population wouldn't
have the same names for stars as the Earth people. They would refer
to the star that Mobius orbits simply as "the sun". But it's not
Earth's sun, Sol.

> 6) What Planet is Mobius from the sun?

Arbitrary. If the Mobian sun is of approx. equal size and brightness
as our sun, then Mobius is approx. 90-100 megamiles from it.

> 7) How many planets in Mobius's system?

There are more being discovered every year. Maybe some artificial
ones, too.

> It's probable I'll be contradicting all these.. but I'd like to compare all
> the same.. :)

Nah, you can't contra-dict what hasn't been dicted yet.
Or do I mean DiC-ed? :-)

> Cheerio.

> Ablater

See ya! Keep on ablating (or whatever you do best)!

 - William Graham - a net.freedom-fighter for a free Mobius! -

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