Re: another sonic game???

From: Jason Shank <>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:45:54 -0500 (EST)

At 06:41 AM 3/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>It was said a while back on the list something about sega was releasing
>>a Sonic CD game for the PC. That was a long time ago I don't remember
>>the exact details. I asked around a bit again recently and noone at the
>>stores seems to know anything about it. Does anyone have any further
>>information about this?
>(trying to keep with the list's fandom theme, Mighty answers hastily...)
>There was a game. It was released for the PC, but I don't think it was
>SUPPOSED TO be released, (or at least not in the USA). It is a replica of
>Sonic CD-complete with animations, and even MORE bonus stuff than the
>orrigional! YOu will, however, not be able to BUY this title, (as it
>doesn't officially "exsisT",) HOWEVER after a few MONTHS (literally)
>searching some "special" FTP sites, I was able to uncover it-all 17 disks of
>it. An excellent game, but unfortunately, the way SOA programs, you need an
>INTEL Pentium 66Mhz or BETTER with 8MB of RAM to run it. So, have fun with
>that one! :) Anyways, if anyone is interested in this game personally,
>e-mail me. Keep in mind the system specifications, or don't bother
>e-mailing me, cuz it won't run. Say I had a DX4 and thought I'd be cute and
>DL it? Uh-huh... it's not that it runs SLOW or takes a while to LOAD, it
>just plain ol' WON'T RUN. :) Well, anyhow, to answer the question, other
>than all the bonus stuff, it's a replica of SONIC CD. And all the cool
>aVI's come with it, crystal clear, full screen, and SMALL in size.

        I want to get Sonic PC! Where can I get it!? (my compyter is a 90
Mg/Hz amd has 8 MB of RAM)

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