Re: Sonic as a Puppet

From: Steve Avery <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 22:40:34 -0330

> Hi all!
> A couple of nights ago I had a weird dream. It was a dream about a
>Sonic puppet show! I think someone should come up with this kind of show! In
>my dream, it was sort of a mix of the weekday and weekend Sonic. Maybe
>mixing the shows together could make BOTH shows better.
> Later,
> Eggman

I agree! Uh, not about the puppet show, but about combining the two shows to
make them better. The weekend Sonic just wasn't funny enough, and the
weekday Sonic was just demented. (personal opinion, you Sonic weekday lovers
don't have to get on my back.) Maybe the weekend Sonic, but with more of the
humor from the weekday Sonic. Just not too much of it.

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