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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 12:09:12 -0500 (EST)

Kiken here, I thought that someof those on the list might find this

Recently in Japan, Sonic The Hedgehog Anime Volume 1 was released.
Its being done by the same team of animators who did the opening and
endings to Mega CD Sonic (Sonic CD), so if you liked that style, you'll
love this.

The story for the first episode goes something like this:

The President (of what and where I know not) gets kidnapped by Eggman
(Robotnik) and is taken away to Eggworld. Sonic and Tails team up with
the President's daughter in order to save him. They venture to Eggworld,
which looks like a cross between post-appocolyptic Neo-Tokyo and Cyber
City Oedo 2808, very strange but very cool. They battle a bunch of what I
guess you could call the Japanese equivalents of SWATBOTS, then do battle
with some huge mechanized beast. After defeating that, they meet Knuckles
(who wears one of those Australian outback hats with the folded side, and
carries a knapsack over one shoulder), and thats the end of the first
episode. While it may not sound like much the shots of it that I have
seen look amazing, plus its an OVA, so the artists have been given quite
an extensive budget.

SOJ have not said how many more parts will comprise the series, chances
are though based on previous OVA releases that the series will be 4
episodes in length.

Looking at the story you might have noticed something wierd, half the
characters in this anime are human. So the Japanese give us a world
where, for the most part, anthropomorphic animals and humans live harmony
with each other. Different.

Now here comes the downer, the anime is rental-only. That blows! Luckily
I mangaed to strike a deal, and I've put a copy down on special order,
but its gonna cost me an arm and a leg, oh well. Till then, I've got
these nice screen grabs to look at. Once I get the anime, I'll make some
jpg's from it and post them on my page.

Kiken signing off.

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