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From: Steve Avery <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 12:50:58 -0330

Ah well, you heard the Rat. So I guess I might as well throw in the survey
towel, but it was fun while it lasted. The votes are closed, and I'm going
to post the results right here. I got A LOT of response, but the two closest
were Tails and Sonic.

Here's the way my point system worked:

3 points if the character was your favorite.
2 points if he/she was your second-favorite
1 point if he/she was your third pick

1. Tails- 35 points (The two-tailed one rules supreme!!!)
2. Sonic- 30 points (The blue warrior comes in a close second.)
3. Sally- 26 points (As one voter said- beautiful AND computer literate!
4. Bunnie- 14 points (She's an inspiration to all you half-roboticized
people out there...)
5. Knuckles- 13 points (Poor Knuckles. I expected him to at least get in
6. Antoine- 4 points (This proves that even the lowliest are respected in
the hearts of Sonic fans.)
7. Mecha Sonic- 3 points (Come'on. I mean, am I only one who likes this guy?)
8. Espio- 1 point (See above comment.)
9. St John- 1 point (I don't know who he is either, some skunk dude.)
10. Dulcey- 1 point (Too bad the series was canceled before she got a chance
to work on her landings.)
11. Rotor- 0 points (Fat, purple dudes get no respect!:<)
12. Uncle Chuck- 0 points (Blue robot supreme.)
13. Bill Clinton- 0 points (Probably the same he's going to get in his next

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