let's do this voting thing right.

From: Ratman <rat_at_bort.mv.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 22:57:41 -0500 (EST)

Give me your top 5 characters and mail them to:


Do not send it to me or the list. if you do, it will be ignored by me.
After, say a week, I'll tally up the results and post them to the list.

Listed below are suggestions. Only if your chracter is not listed below, then
by all means you can use them. I was trying to put together a complete list,
but that was more of a task than I could handle. There's a lot of one-shot
characters. Like "Cat". Remember him? He got busted very early in the weekend
Sonic. Sonic tried to get him out, but he was too late.

Anyway, here's a the list.
Check out http://rat.org/pub/sonic/text/faq-jf.txt for an even bigger

The reason I'm doing this, is I think you might have some favorite
characters you can't think of right now. May as well have the whole menu
in front of you before choosing, right?

Weekly Show:

- Antione
- Bunnie
- Dulcy
- King Acorn
- Nicole
- Robotnik
- Rotor
- Sally
- Snively
- Sonic
- Swatbots
- Tails
- Uncle Chuck (Sir Charles)
Just in a few episodes
- Ari (he's a ram)
- Cat (got captured very early in the show)
- Lupe'
- Muttski (robodog)
- Naugus (Robotnik's former boss)
- Nasty Hyenas
- Wolf Pack (the whole pack)

Comic only
Amy Rose
Geoffrey St. John

Weekday show only
Miss Possum

Remember, write to vote_at_rat.org with the vote. Talk about your favorite
characters is welcome on the list. However, please don't ask the list about
this voting procedure. :-)

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