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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 96 14:03:00 -0500

-> You need a program to access Intenet Chat. mIRC is one of the best,
-> if not THE best program to do this. Look for it on the WWW. Use the
-> Yahoo or Lycos search engines. The URL's for these are
-> and respectively. Maybe we
-> could all get together for a Sonic chat session sometime...
-> Just an idea. See ya!
Actuly last summer I tryed to have something like that in IRC/ But it
was a big dud. Mosty I thought so because of time zone problems. with
people around the world. Another problem is I later found the some
people got the wrong IRC network. It was on efnet but some people tryed
Undernet as others tryed Dalnet. It was a mess. If you do have one it
whould be a good idea for you to hold a #sonic channel I whould have to
say try Dalnet ( then you can have the channel reseved for
certon people to be Ops. and there are lest Splits on dalnet.

Anyway back to the subject. yea I think if we could set up a Bot to
monitor the channel you could have a 24 hour #sonic chat channel.

  John Mankowski -- Merritt Island, Fl

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