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Date: Fri Mar 15 13:43:49 1996

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> On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, Racewing Kid wrote:
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> > HAs anyone actually tried to make a MUD based on the Sonic show
> > (preferably DIKU?) I don't mean the MUCKs, I mean one actually
> > following this theme?
> As far as I know of, there is no dedicated Sonic MUD.
> If you don't mind doing some exploration, you can look through these Web
> pages and maybe find one. (And please post the location if you find one!)
> [Mud Connector Big List]
> [The MUD Resource Collection: Index]

    Nope, nuthin. So I've recruited my own SFC to make one for us.
Not sure when it'll be up and running, though, but we're working on
it. It's written by me, and programmed, among others, by our own
Z0RO, Swordsman of The Net and Master of Corn! (Remember him?)

    So I've got another few questions:
   1. How come no one told me it takes me freakin' forever to access
that MUD list!

    2. Those Chaos Emeralds- do they serve any real purpose (like
giving people **specific** super powers), or are they just energy

    3. Forgot. Sorry!
    If you think you have any ideas to make the MUD really cool, drop
me a line at... well, check the sig. I'm not writing it down, it's
too long. Seeya!

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