A serious chop

From: Pugh, Don <skypilot_at_ibcco.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 19:23:10 -0500

    Hi Everybody!
               I liked all these comments you gave me. I guess it caused a
lot of contraversy. Remember when I wrote "A Cancel Job"? It was about how
USA cut out humorous parts in The Adventures of Sonic. I was watching it
today when I said to myself, "Man! This isn't a cut... this is a serious
CHOP!" It was a RIDICULOUS cut out in the episode "Submerged Sonic". It had
cut out how Sonic, Tails and Surf got out of the prison they were in. It
took 2 precious minutes away. I think the show shouldn't go back to Fox, but
be on ABC. The same for the Weekend Sonic. Perhaps they can combine and make
something called, "The Supersonic Sonic hour!" or something. Just keep it
away from USA, where it won't chop the humor.

   PS: To Robert Haynie- your message went through clear.

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