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From: Ratman <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 22:57:01 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Theodore Patri Perrotti wrote:

> > On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Theodore Patri Perrotti wrote:
> >
> > > To post a message, send it to the "" address. There are
> >
> > The correct posting address is This isn't a
> > technical list, so suffice it to say bort is the server that sends list
> > messages to you.

> Does it really make a difference? I always send my posts to
>, and they always make it to the list.

They will borth work for now, but if we ever decide to move the lists
over to a new server, bort will no longer work. always will.

I'd also like to point out that if anyone can actually post to the list, they
are already subscribed. If you're not on the list and try to post, it will
refuse it.

SO THAT MEANS if you see anyone post a newbie question, you can bet the list
admins are on the case. You don't need to reply to the list. So as much as
you might feel like you're helping, you're just cluttering the list up with
junk. If you really feel like lending a hand (or paw), please do it in
private email to the person that needs the help.

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