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Note: please substitute these updated questions in the FAQ File. A tip
of the echidnoid dreadlocks to Ken Penders for permission to quote him.

Q7: What happened with the Princess Sally miniseries?

A: "That the Princess Sally miniseries came out at all is a
minor miracle," according to Ken Penders, co-writer of the series
with Mike Kanterovich. Archie Comics was late in rolling out the
three-part miniseries starring Sally as the main character--a
situation acknowledged in the SonicGram of #21. The story
actually began with "Deadliest of the Species" in Sonic #20. The
cover art for the miniseries, however, differed in subsequent
advertisements: one cover for the first issue prominently
featured Geoffrey St. John, while another did not. The third
issue cover either did or didn't feature Sally doing battle with
a clone of herself, depending upon where you see it. Two
different versions of the cover for #2 appeared in Sonic #22.
The fact that the Sally creative team PLUS Archie Comics PLUS
SEGA reportedly came together to discuss "improving" the series
(as reported in Sonic #21 -- hence the delay) would seem to
indicate that someone had come down with a case of "creative

"In fairness to the people at SEGA," Ken writes, "they wanted to
create a viable environment where the public would be
anticipating more Princess Sally products such as her own video
game or line of t-shirts or whatever, and the ...[mini]series
represented the beginning of that, so it was important to them
that it was done the best it could be." "Scott [Fulop]," he
adds, "was pulling his hair out during the entire process doing
his best to keep things moving along."

So why haven't there been subsequent Sally miniseries? "The
Princess Sally miniseries just didn't do well enough to warrant
another shot. From what we can tell, it seems there was a
problem with distribution which prevented a lot of people from
finding and picking up the book. You also had the core audience
of little boys that [sic] felt awkward picking up a title that
they felt was aimed more at girls. However, when you plopped a
copy into their hands and made them read the first issue, that's
all it took. They were hooked."

Q11: What exactly is in those chili dogs?

Q11: What exactly is in those chili dogs?
A: When a story is set on a planet populated by sentient
animals, the question of their eating habits is no small matter.
How would a planet whose population would include intelligent
cows and pigs deal with the subject of eating something usually
thought to be made out of pork and/or beef? While several
members of the Sonic mailing list have suggested that the dogs in
Sonic's chili dogs are fashioned from some meat analog (see
below), a possible answer appeared at the end of "Let's Get
Small" (Sonic #33). In the last panel, Sonic whips up a batch of
chicken soup which, Rotor explains, is "made with chili dogs."
Since you can't very well call it "chicken soup" if it doesn't
contain any chicken (at least as far as government regulations
are concerned), it would appear that those chili dogs Sonic has
been scarfing for all these years are made using chicken franks!

This theory elicited the following response from Ken Penders:
"they're made from soybeans or some form of seafood by-products,
and let's leave it at that. Sheeesh! Some things are better off
left alone!" Not as far as THIS crowd is concerned. You knew
the job was dangerous when you took it, Ken.

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