Re: One more thought on Sonic vs. Knuckles (and Marvel vs. DC)

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>Do you suppose that if Marvel vs. DC had nearly as many fight pages as
>Sonic vs. Knuckles did, the former would be a bit more popular? :^)

I sure do, and--I know this is off-topic but--are you keeping track of who
Marvel and DC are going around each other lately. Now they created a
*hybird* Comic universe where they took the two comics and mixed them in a
blender!! Good God!! Storm's Wonder Woman while Diana's dating the
Punisher!! Superboy's Spiderman while Clark's Captain America!! Bruce
Wane's in Shield and Wolverine's gone Basty?!?! The Justice Legue now has
X-Men and Magnteo's. . . . . uhhhhh . . . .

[David Gonterman faints]

Serena: David? David?! What's wrong, dude? :::Looks at monitor. Of,
course she *doesn't* get dizzy from the words on the screen::: . . . . Do you
think that anybody could get sued from doing any stuff like this? And what
am I doing on the Sonic Mailing List anyway. <G> Sorry about this! First
Mickey Mouse stumbles into Haunted Fantasies, now me. . . Don't worry, I'll
let myself out . . .

David Gonterman []

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