From: Chris Baird <>
Date: 28 Feb 1996 23:50:21 +1100

Andrew Watts,
>Here in the UK they used to put 'Adv. of Sonic' and what you call
>'weekend sonic' on at 7am ch4 on saturday morning. They seemed to mix
>'Adv. of Sonic' with 'weekend sonic' so you never knew what you were
>going to get. I have seen all the 'Adv. of sonic' episodes but I
>greatly prefer 'weekend sonic' because they have a deeper story line.

That reminds me to say that the `Saturday' Sonic is showing once
again in Australia. Yay! (..and now I have a large-screen
television to watch it all on. Bliss :)

It's the first season being shown at the moment, but I expect the
TEN network have the second season and are reshowing the first to
bring everyone up to speed on the story. (It's been ~2 years since
the cartoon was last aired in this country.)

(I'm somewhat worried at that I no longer find the theme musak as
irritating as I did before. :)


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