Triple Stories or Triple Trouble? (Spoilers)

From: Pugh, Don <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:00:37 -0500

    S'more comments on Sonic the Hedgehog's Triple Trouble Special.
               SPOILERS AHOY!

                   "TTTRIPLE TTTROUBLE!"

    The Good- This comic needs MORE KNUCKLES! We got him. We got him good.
              Nice Holo-Wristwatch. Quick! Hit Mute! :-)
              Mt. Osohai... Heh, heh.
              Tsk, tsk. Sonic and Knuckles have a little tiff.
              Right before the emerald comes burrowing out- A breakfast break!
    The Bad- I wish I knew more about this "Ancient Walker" stuff.
             Page 23: How did Nack turn all yellow?
             How did Knux know it was a Sky Cycle?
             Eh. Sonic's Figure eight Peel-Out was drawn crude.
    The Ugly- Lose the hat, Nack.
           In overall, it's good, but it could have been better.
  The Good- A nice looking Sea Fox
            The plot!
            Tails's suave acting
            Oh-ho! Nice speech about helping, Tails.
            One word- MISSILES! Blow 'em outta the water, Tails!
            Manifique art. Not half bad either.
  The Bad- When Tails obliterated the Roboticizer, he wasn't very close, and
neither was Octobot. How did they get fountained out of the water?
           Nooooooo!!!! Not a really bad pun!!!!
           What the HECK does Rotor mean by "too young"? Is he too young to
go on Adventures? No!
           Octobot doesn't give much a fight.
   The Ugly- Octobot.
         Overall, the same rating as TTTriple TTTrouble.
              "FIRST CONTACT"
   The Good- Finally! A Knuckles Solo!
             Catweazle. Laugh just thinkin' about that name.
             Page 3: HELLO!
   The Bad- The Ax-bot is from Sonic and Knuckles, not Chaotix.
            Page 4: Where'd that fireball come from?
            The Chaos Chamber was smaller in TTTriple TTTrouble.
   The Ugly- Can't get much uglier than Mr. Ax-Bot. Except his creator. :-)
          Overall, it was a little worse than the other stories.
                                                                Ian Pugh

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