A really big Spectacular! (Spoilers)

From: Pugh, Don <skypilot_at_ibcco.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 17:58:29 -0500

       Remember Sonic #25? I'd like to give my comments on it. I know it's
pretty old... but I'm new here on the list and I'd like to anyway.
WARNING! SPOILERS! (Aooga! Aooga!)

                     "GO AHEAD... MECHA MY DAY!"
                    A wonderful Sonic CD adaption.
      The good- Mecha Sonic. Of all Sonic Clones, he's the most different.
When Snively was dressed like Robotnik, reading off cue cards.
                "Royalty just ain't what it used to be... I wonder if
Princess Di had days like this?"
                Robotnik steals Sonic-Gram letters... so THAT'S where they went!
      The bad- The "Wizard of Oz" thing only worked for me a little.
               What are ads doing in a "Special Issue"? They knew this.
               Why did Doc 'Botnik create a smushing device? He darn well
knows Sonic's faster than just about anything.
               It's just me, but I don't think zooming on a rocket pack,
with your legs in the air, would _melt_ your legs.
     The Ugly- Robotnik
               Did I mention Robotnik?

          Oh, and by the way, here's here's the characters at the end. (Left
to Right)
    Mecha Sonic, Doc Robotnik, 4 or 5 Swatbots.
    Penelope (I think), Amy Rose, Rotor, Geoffrey St. John, ???.
    ???, Knuckles, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie Rabbot.
    Uncle Chuck, Muttski, Tails, Antoine, some lizard???.
    ???, Caterkiller, Psuedo Sonic, Coconuts, Snively.
    Evil Sally, Grounder (More Burrobot-like), Winged Killer Dog, Evil
Rotor, Robot Uncle Chuck.




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