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Super Sonic V. Hyper Knuckles Special #1 [no date]
"Crash Of The Titans"
Story: Mike Gallagher; Art: Art Mawhinney
OK, kids, let's sing the theme song!
     They fight
     And bite
     They fight and bite and fight
     Bite bite bite
     Fight fight fight
     The Itchy and Scratchy...oops...
     The Sonic and Knuckles Show!
What can you say about a story where the basic plot can be summed
up as: "Sonic and Knuckles try to beat each other up; after
finding a hidden level, they warp into Super Sonic and Hyper
Knuckles...and try to beat each other up"? What can you say
about a story that features no less than TEN editorial box
comments by Scott Fulop? My term paper should have as many
footnotes! What can you say about a story like that? Quite a
bit, actually.
     Sonic intercepts Knuckles just as the latter is approaching
an abandoned pond in sight of Robotropolis. This pretty much
signals the beginning of round 1, though Sally shows up a short
time later once a tree gets uprooted in the fight: "When the
landscape starts to suffer, I step in." Detectng radiation
reading using Nicole, Sally peers into the hole left by the
uprooted tree. It's a classic missed opportunity for Sonic and
Knuckles, for they're so busy glaring at each other that they
don't seem to realize that they're in the perfect position to get
an eyeful of Acorn booty. "Don't be shy, boys! Take a look down
here!" Indeed!
     I've voiced my opinion about Gallagher's jokey scripts in
the past; this time around, he largely keeps it in check. He
also gives Sally an amazing aside totally out of left field which
I will NOT spoil. The curious can read it on page 13. Gallagher
may specialize in screwball gag writing, but apparently he can
throw a mean curve when he has to.
     Once in the zone, Sonic and Knuckles each collect enough
trinkets to power up and resume their fight. In order to bring
this to an end, the two buttheads butt heads with sufficient
force that the zone collapses ("I felt a great disturbance in the
Force, Luke!"). Sonic comes to as Sally provides about a page of
exposition. She also gives Sonic a ride home on a "sky-cycle"
though Scott's editorial box neatly conceals the view of Sonic's
hands around Sally's waist -- party pooper! (Though from what I
can see of the placement of Sonic's left hand, it's either just
gesturing or else was drawn wrong and the box serves the purpose
of an artistic fig leaf. Sonic's left hand should have been
obscured by Sally's back instead of blocking her right side. I
know, I know: everybody's an art critic!). Knuckles has to
settle for a spare Chaos Emerald as a consolation prize.
     The story, though minimal, is better than expected. Perhaps
Gallagher needed Mawhinney's brilliant (as usual) art as a
steadying influence. Some bad jokes that strain the fourth wall
(particularly Robotnik's cameo role), and Sonic and Knuckles seem
at times like they're trying to talk each other to death, but a
good combination on the whole.
     "Fathers and Sons"
     Story: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders; Art: Ken Penders
     The story begins with a younger Knuckles being given a tour
of the island by his father, who sports a short beard and whose
white belted jacket means either that he and Luke Skywalker buy
their clothes from the same store, or else he operates a dojo on
the side. Turns out, in mid-tour, we learn we're in mid-
flashback. The words Knuckles heard his father use have been
quoted at him by Archimedes. After another flashback concerning
Knuckles' problem-solving strategy (when in doubt, punch it out),
we learn that the island also has a Forbidden Zone and that this
was where Knuckles' father turned over guardianship of the island
before leaving his son. I won't say how, exactly, but let's just
say that Knuckles' old man sure knows how to make an exit!
     VERY impressive layout on the top of page 7 and in the upper
left panels of page 8. Though I prefer dialogue to soliloquy,
the latter was effectively used. So it looks like, after months
of 2-page vamping, we're getting ready to get on with the
Knuckles story.
     P.S.: a 1-page ad displays the covers for Sonic #34 (is
Sonic being captured by Uncle Chuck?), and all three Knuckles
miniseries if the resumption of the Knuckles solo
story in #34 weren't enough. If I were Knuckles, I'd ask for
more money!

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