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Thanks for clarifying the matter regarding SONIC'S last issue, which
hopefully won't be for a long time to come. As for discouraging submissions,
that I would never do. I was only trying to point out that anyone wishing to
do so is going to be fighting an uphill battle, that if they had the patience
and were prepared for the very real possibility of having to rewrite their
story to accomodate events that have already transpired in the Archie series,
that if they could work within those conditions then they might have a
chance, albeit a VERY SLIM one, but a chance nevertheless. It also helps when
the person submitting has had some previous experience selling stories to
publishers, especially other comic book publishers.

I can already hear people asking how can they make a sale when no one is
giving them a chance. It's a Catch-22 situation, I admit, but if one is
resourceful and one is good, there's always an opportunity. You also have to
remember how many other people would love to write or draw a SONIC story, or
ARCHIE or X-MEN or BATMAN or STAR TREK. The odds of your story being used
when established professionals express interest in these assignments make the
deck even harder stacked against you. Right now, the industry is going
through some upheavel and people who weren't available before are now
scrambling for work. So keep these considerations in mind when submitting to
an editor, okay? If you get shot down, chances are very good it wasn't
anything personal. He or she just decided to go with a known commodity.

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