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Dear friends

KP: The writers don't have the luxury of being able to prolong the action like
    you see in your average DC or Marvel comic where one story can take up to
    half a year or more worth of issues.

     Is there any way to change policy to allow writers that option if they
want it, like through a write-in campaign?

KP: In fairness to the people at SEGA, they wanted to create a viable
    environment where the public would be anticipating more PRINCESS SALLY
    products such as a her own video-game or line of t-shirts or whatever

     Princess Sally merchandise. What a concept. :-)
     Are any of these suggested tie-ins going to be actually developped. I
hope so.

KP: The sad part was fan reaction was VERY positive, but poor distribution
    resulted in poor sales. I'd still like to do another SALLY mini-series.

     If a gaffe in distribution caused the problem, maybe someone can be
persuaded to give you a chance at a second series with more care taken over the
distribution. That second series should succeed.

KP: Disney is many times bigger, granted, than Archie, but what both companies
    are founded on is good, clean wholesome family fun.

     It's a wonder then that you were able to get the Love Triangle story
thread through then. :-)
     It's just seemed to me that the comic book had been pitched at too low a
level in recent issues, with ideas like the Auntie Bodies. I'd prefer that
the comic book have a reality closer in line to the Saturday Morning Cartoon,
which was still popular with kids.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

Princess Sally -
   "As for being my boyfriend, in the past you just had to contend with
    jealousy from a certain Hedgehog ( and believe me, that's enough! ) --
    now you're going to have to deal with a rather suave rogue of a skunk!
    Good luck!"

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