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To Dan:

Feel free to express your comments and criticisms whenever you like. I think
some of it is valid and other parts uninformed. However, lots of other people
aren't aware of what goes on in the production of the comic series unless
they're one of the few involved, so I understand when the comment made is
such. The problem is I don't have the time to always correct the record. I
accept this, don't get offended when you don't like something, and try to
make my next story better than the last.

One thing that makes writing SONIC (and Archie titles in general) harder than
say, your average super-hero title, is that we CAN'T do continued stories
whenever we like. Most stories have to fit in whatever page count we're
alloted, whether it's 8, 11, 16 or 24 pages. The writers don't have the
luxury of being able to prolong the action like you see in your average DC or
Marvel comic where one story can take up to half a year or more worth of

The writers also sometimes have to jettison a story they'd rather work on in
favor of one the editor or a SEGA representative wants to see done, because
that is the direction they want the book to go in. The writer may make
suggestions, and if it's a good day, hopefully the editor will be receptive.
(In most cases, they usually are.)

That the PRINCESS SALLY mini-series came out at all is a minor miracle. Not
quite on the level of the Beatles reuniting, but close. Scott was pulling his
hair out during the entire process doing his best to keep things moving
along. In fairness to the people at SEGA, they wanted to create a viable
environment where the public would be anticipating more PRINCESS SALLY
products such as a her own video-game or line of t-shirts or whatever, and
the comic series represented the beginning of that, so it was important to
them that it was done the best it could be. The sad part was fan reaction was
VERY positive, but poor distribution resulted in poor sales. I'd still like
to do another SALLY mini-series.

Regarding browsing any SONIC fan fiction, I'm afraid I won't be reading any
until I'm no longer working on SONIC. We already have a game plan mapped out
for the forseeable future, and if I use something somebody has already
written, I run the risk of appearing to have borrowed from another writer's
ideas. My apologies for this policy, but I hope you understand. Thanks for
your interest.

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